Career Outlook

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Job Prospects

The aging of the population and a growing focus on health issues and personalized medicine will drive demand for better medical devices designed by bioengineers. Along with the demand for more sophisticated medical equipment and procedures, an increased concern for cost-effectiveness will boost demand for bioengineers, particularly in pharmaceutical manufacturing and related industries.

In addition, an increasing attention to reducing our global environmental footprint and preserving our natural resources will dictate the need for bioengineers to help tackle these grand challenges. Bioengineers will be called upon to address agriculture and global food supply issues as sustainable farming practices are necessitated.

The Global Market

In recent years, several countries around the world have demonstrated strong indicators for growth in bioengineering and the life sciences industry. Although the United States leads the way in research and development–with nearly half of global spending in this area–China, Brazil, and India are seeing increased demand across the life sciences industry. These countries are expected to see growth spurts in research and development and innovation in the coming years.

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